Mogu'shan Vaults (5/6 Heroic):
Stone Guard / Feng / Gara'jal / 4 Kings / Elegon / Emperor

Heart of Fear (1/6 Heroic):
Zor'lok / Ta'yak / Garalon / Mel'Jarak / Un'sok / Shek'zeer

Terrace of Endless Spring (4/4):
Protectors / Tsulong / Lei Shi / Sha of Fear


Recruitment is currently OPEN!. We are looking for
  • Tank
  • Healer (non-paladin preferred)
  • Ranged or Melee DPS

Your experience should of course reflect your ability to handle heroic raiding but any application is carefully considered on all of its merits so we welcome you to apply.

Apply here

raid stats

Heroic Spirit Kings
Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:47 pm by Hura
5/6 MSV

Unfortunately we forgot to screen shot it, but at last after having an awesome raid going, we managed to kill the boss(es)!

Grats us!
Blade Lord Ta'yak (Wind) Stepped On!
Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:05 pm by Ulysses
This is the technique of End of Days!
Heart of Fear Heroic progression begins!

We based our selection to look at this post-Elegon on the simple fact that it looked like lots of people had knocked it over, so it couldnt be that hard? .... and so it proved!

It's a much bigger challenge than Normal mode even though mechanically, nothing really changes apart from a polarised version of Lei Shei's Spell "Get Away!" not found.. It took us about 90 minutes of tries to get this sorted, after an ill-fated handful of 2-heal tries, we added a 3rd and it immediately felt much more comfortable. The DPS requirement was a little tight but our execution of 2nd phase (which we only saw twice!) wasnt perfect so I would hope that repeat kills will be much smoother.

Garalon is our next elected target but given the way the first night went (thats not to say it was disasterous but in hindsight I think Spirit Kings will be easier) we may well end up looking at Sprit Kings, just to keep our readers guessing!
H:Elegon tickles the parts other Mechanicals cannot reach!
Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:19 pm by Ulysses
I'll have what she's having, twice!
Let the dictionary define the mountgasm as....

The, erm, dictionary? wrote:mountgasm mount·gasm [mau-nt-gaz-uh m]

1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of a WoW Boss kill and the resultant winning of a rare mount.
2. an instance of experiencing this.
3. intense or unrestrained excitement.
4. an instance or occurrence of such excitement.

verb (used without object)
5. to have an mountgasm.

Thanks to the fact that Emm'a boyfriend runs a popular stream, the moment was captured for us all to enjoy all over again (Im so glad that's a leather chair she was sitting on...)

So yes, in other news we killed a remarkably easy Heroic boss encounter in Elegon. Took very little time to kill as theres essentially nothing difficult added over and beyond the Normal mode version. A little dissapointing given how cool the encounter is overall. We were all expecting something much, much more challenging and in turn, more rewarding. Obviously we somewhat outgear the encounter at this stage so I guess we're victims of our own slow progress here! Onto something less boring instead!
Do you do voodoo? - Gara'jal crosses over, permanently!
Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:46 am by Ulysses
But it ain't no ting. Take your addons; you'll be needin' dem.
This, it's all you need, go get your loot!

Cyas soon!
We dabbled in some Feng shui... and won!
Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:34 pm by Ulysses
3 little letters are all the make this differ from the normal mode version..... AOE!

The new phase is ace and is a pretty tight push on your raids AOE DPS. Given how much extra gear we have amassed since this encounter rolled, I can well imagine this was a tough beast to crack with lesser geared characters. Fortunately for us, we dont have to worry about that and we push on to Gara'jal! The early (completely accidental cause I forgot to flip back to Normal!) pull suggests this isnt going to be as difficult as some would have us believe, so were optimistic we can get this down pretty soon after our festive raid break

See you soon and Merry Christmas in advance!
Sha, right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!
Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:50 pm by Ulysses
So Terrace is now cleared and we can finally get back into some Heroic progress (feels like its been a long old haul!)

Lei Shei and Sha are both pretty simply bosses in terms of mechanics. Lei Shei in particular feels very straightforward once you have the elemental ads wave under control. It does seem a little awkward at times with some classes not having any suitable (read: reliable) crowd control options so it'll be interesting to see what the heroic flavour of this encounter serves up!

Sha is a fun fight for sure but as above, not terribly challenging. I don't know how many pulls this took to kill, but it certainly wasn't many. For an end of raid encounter, it seems grossly under-tuned
So Long Tsu Long!
Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:48 pm by Ulysses
It was a strange old day today! From the initial doom and gloom following the decision of one of our raiders to call it a day with raiding and the subsequent departure of another raider who didn't want to play without him (cute, right?), to a new boss kill and a sudden revitalization. A lot can happen in 3.5 hours!

So before we talk about our latest kill, were actively recruiting a ranged DPS, a melee DPS and a healer. We are open to any suitable applications, though obviously we would prefer classes which we don't currently have in our roster:
  • Rogue or Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk or Frost/Unholy DK
  • Shadow Priest or Balance Druid
  • Resto Shaman, Resto Druid or Holy/Disc Priest

So to Tsulong! Firstly, absolutely brilliant encounter. Somewhat reminiscent of Valithria Dreamwalker but much more fun and certainly a lot more challenging. Pretty intensive whilst learning but again, once you've optimised (and in truth, there's quite a lot to optimise here!) things are a lot smoother. We rolled with 3 healers and Ive read plenty to suggest its doable with 2, but I just cant quite see how! Perhaps we will refine our strategy in the future but for now its onto Lei Shi and our initial tries suggest this one might be coming soon to a kill shot near you! Watch this space
Shekzeer & Protectors of the Endless
Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:12 pm by Ulysses
After finally getting Un'Sok down, we were hopeful that the general hype surrounding this fight turned out to be true and that we would soon be on our way to Terrace of Endless Spring. As it happens, they were right, who knew?!

Its a fun encounter, but in comparison to Un'Sok and probably Mel'Jarak too, it seems a little under-tuned. I'm not entirely sure how many tries went into this one (don't bother with wowprogress cause the numbers it shows are absolute bollocks!) but I'm pretty sure it was less that the previous two, which is kind of out of whack for an end of raid encounter - dont'cha think?!

The encounter really hinges on the retreat (ads!) phase. The first phase is largely a piece of piss, offering nothing very taxing at all. The retreat phase feels hard at first but once you iron out positioning and what to do with the aids patches, everything starts to come together. As we tend to do, we don't read "too much" about encounters as we seem to pick things up faster by pulling and adapting our own technique but someone pointed out we were doing something wrong, which explained why we were struggling to kill both Reavers before the Advance phase came back around (yes, I know, were not the sharpest tools in the box sometimes!). So a few refinements and some hasty aids pool gathering and suddenly you're into Phase 3. Which it has to be said, is kind of a joke. Sure, there's a hefty healing requirement for a sustained period, but unless you're rolling with a crew of retards, all of the final phase mechanics are beyond easy to deal with and I think we killed this on our second time into Phase 3.

If you're aspiring to beat this encounter, hail the arrival of Phase 3 (as long as you get the transition right, read: No Dissonance Fields still active as you push him to 30%) - as you've basically killed it!

We waltzed into Terrace and killed Protectors in a few pulls straight after, its laughable (update: the following week we tried the "elite" mode - this is also laughable, took 3 pulls - shame we didn't do it in week 1 really, hindsight and all that!)
Amber Shaper One Sock
Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:48 pm by Ulysses
This one seemed to have to banging our heads a little while RNG played it's part in giving everyone a shot at the Mutated Construct. Once that was out of the way and everyone was (reasonably) confident with when to press Button1 and when to press Button2, it was a case of some tactical refinements to manage the seemingly fairly hefty DPS requirement of the encounter. It's probably the hardest encounter so far in terms of just how much is going on and how nobody in the raid gets to shy away from the responsibility of this tier's vehicle mechanic. Its a testing encounter and a fun one, if a little annoying sometimes, think Professor Purtricide Heroic ... but on crack, and you're about there!
Mel Gibson Down, Jew Mad Bro?
Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:09 am by Ulysses
Panic. Hilarity. A right fucking mess!

... are just three of the oft-used phrases while learning this encounter! Mercifully, the cluster fuck element soon sorts itself out (unless you have a Mage with a fucked up mouse over macro screwing up the CC - that might set you back a little!) and then you're on the pig's back, until you enrage with the boss on 60% health and think "err, yeah, we've got something badly wrong here?"

So throw a tank away, stop being pussies with AoE/Multi-dotting and suddenly the first phase is 90 seconds shorter and the penny has well and truly dropped. Now just a few spastic lemming wind bomb explosions to get out of your system and boom, a kill! \o/

This encounter is a real bitch for your healers and it really does put an emphasis on good communication and responsible play - any DPS spastics will for sure make this one almost impossible as they will die pretty quickly!